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Be part of a multinational organization that helps other students

ONU Volunteers

Help diverse organizations that help to achieve the SDG's

Elevate Tech

Oppportunity for women and non binary students that are passionate about technology

UNSW Centre for Ideas

Conferences about diverse topics imparted by the University of New South Wales

Madam Math Circle

Volunteer in an organization that foster young women to strengthen their mathematical skills

Bridge to Literacy

Join Bridge to Literacy, a global, UNESCO-partnered U.S Department of State funded literacy nonprofit and their community of 150+ vibrant, multi-talented volunteers from over 6 continents!

London Drawing Group

Conferences about drawing organized by a group of students of the Royal College of Arts

Madam Math Circle

Math Classes to improve the skills of young women

One World Project

Webinars about probability and advanced mathematics

EntrepreYOUership Ambassador

Apply to be an ambassador of EntrepreYOUership


Volunteer for different positions in an organization that looks to bridge the gender gap in technological fields

One World Extremes

Monthly webinars about Extreme Value Theory (EVT)


Lenguas Indígenas

Corpus Paralelo de Lenguas Mexicanas

Servicio social para estudiantes de lingüística o carreras afines con conocimiento de una lengua mexicana